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We’re exploring love in many forms with first-hand accounts from the frontlines of dating, marriage, intimacy and friendship, all with people living—and loving—with disabilities or challenges like long-distance romance. ) But they all agreed that once people talk and get past questions or concerns, love is love—sometimes it’s messy but mostly it’s marvelous. Dating and disability Our favorite proposals Love and marriage Military couples, military separations Friendship Siblings Sex, intimacy, and more on our blog Take Me As I Am: Dating and Disability Etiquette Social worker and disability rights consultant Vilissa Thompson shares her experience dating as a women with a disability and offers tips for potential suiters unfamiliar with disability.Does it seem more difficult to find love if you have a disability? Check out Vilissa's etiquette tips Spouses With Autism Share Both Sides of Their Love Story Anita and Abraham, a married couple who both have ASD, give a "He Said, She Said" take on their story. How to Make the First Date Great When Dating with a Disability Amy Taklif, a medical social worker, offers first date etiquette and advice on how to stay true to yourself while looking for love. The Dos and Don'ts of Digitally Finding Love Easterseals Thrive's Erin Hawley has tried online dating with websites for people with disabilities, general online dating websites as well as social media. Online Dating 101 with a Disability Read on to learn how Erin took charge of her love life.Natural features are protected by limiting modifications in topography, by preserving tree, plant and marine life, and natural water courses, and by encouraging clustered development.Special Natural Area Districts in Staten Island: The Special South Richmond Development District (SRD) was established in 1975 to guide the development of the southern part of Staten Island.David Petraeus, recently appointed as Commander of American and international forces in Afghanistan, commented: PETRAEUS: I did support and agree at the end of the president's decision-making process last fall with the July 2011 date described by the president as the point at which a process begins to transition security tasks to Afghan forces at a rate to be determined by conditions at that time.

As the development site becomes steeper, permitted lot coverage decreases (although the permissible floor area remains the same).The Departmeny of Labor’s (DOL) Fiduciary Rule is set for partial implementation on June 9.On March 1, the DOL proposed a 60-day delay to the Fiduciary Rule, seemingly setting the stage for its repeal or revision.The DOL 60-day delay request, in response to Trump’s executive action, came in an official statement, which stated, “The proposed extension is intended to give the department time to collect and consider information related to the issues raised in the memorandum before the rule and exemptions become applicable.” However, rather than delay the Fiduciary Rule’s implementation again, it now appears will forge ahead, with the potential for repeal and replacement further down the road.On May 23, Alexander Acosta, Trump’s new DOL Secretary, wrote an opinion piece for “The Labor Department has concluded that it is necessary to seek additional public input on the entire Fiduciary Rule, and we will do so. We have carefully considered the record in this case, and the requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act, and have found no principled legal basis to change the June 9 date while we seek public input.

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