Updating a meade 497 controller

Downloading a 497 firmware image to a 495 will turn it into a 497. As far as I know, all of the comands that come out of a 494 to the telescope are the same as with a 497.

Orders placed after 4pm on weekdays will not ship until the next business day.

I the regular Meade website, there is a tab for customer support. Hope this helps, Bill Steen The 495 and 497 are identical inside.

They were loaded with different firmware images for different telescope models.

Join this network from your mobile device, laptop, or other computer, and - - you don't need to buy (or build! If you don't already have one for your telescope, see here for our selection.

Finally, you'll also need a telescope control application running on your computer or mobile device. However, you can use an Apple Air Port Express (or other wireless router) to control the Star Book from our Sky Safari i Phone app. You also need to configure Sky Safari to communicate with the Star Book controller at on port 80. However there is abundant literature on how the performance of Lithium Ion batteries decreases with temperatures.

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